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Alberta Ministries of Tourism, Parks & Recreation and Culture

Alberta Tourism, Parks and Recreation and Alberta Culture needed to revise their website information architecture and content to make it more citizen-centric and mobile friendly. Like many government websites, the site had grown through the contributions of many independent business areas over several years. The content was of inconsistent quality, and in places it was poorly organized.

nForm worked with the two ministries to re-structure and re-write their website content. We reviewed website analytics and social media traffic, as well as conducted online card sorting activities with various stakeholder groups to inform the revised website structure. nForm consultants worked with ministry staff to re-write hundreds of web pages with to achieve the goal of more citizen-centric and mobile-friendly content, while still aligning with ministry communications goals. Additionally, content was re-written to allow better search engine optimization (SEO) and with the objective of standardizing the layouts of repeated content types (e.g. services, contacts, etc.). Metadata descriptions and titles were created as guidelines for the internal ministry web teams. nForm also developed responsive templates for the sites.

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Alberta Innovates Health Solutions (AIHS) – Controlling Organic Growth

Alberta Innovates Health Solutions’ website was dated and disorganized. The site had “ballooned” over the years into an unmanageable collection of pages and documents that no longer served the organization or its users. nForm worked with … Read More

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My IA Summit 2014 Talk on Stakeholder Mapping

For the past couple of years I've been thinking about ways to better understand stakeholders for complex design projects so we can engage them more effectively. At the 2014 IA Summit I presented the ideas we've been working through at … Read More