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Canadian Intranet Practices Research: Tidbit #2

We’ve been knee deep in our data collected for the Canadian Intranet Practices Survey since April. It has been a blast seeing much of the data tell a story and I am definitely excited to share a few findings. For a bit of background on the foundations of our research and process, check out the first tidbit we found.

Top Ranked Content

We often work with communications teams driving the entire intranet development process. We are told time and time again that Information about Current Events in the Company is critically important—often that it’s the most important piece of information to include on intranets. This would include items such as an announcement about a staff appreciation BBQ or details about the upcoming corporate challenge.

One question in our survey asked participants to rank the most popular or accessed type of content. We made sure to include Information about Current Events as an item to rank, along with many others.

Based on our intranet project experience, we weren’t surprised to see the top five responses of:

    1. Administrative Information (e.g., policy or people directories)
    2. Human Resources Information (e.g., payday schedule)
    3. Business Function Information (e.g., job-related information available to assist with a business process)
    4. Information about Current Events in the Company (e.g., announcements, or details regarding staff gatherings)
    5. Financial Information (e.g., business plans or financial reports)

We decided to dive deeper into these results by plotting each content type and the number of votes it received at each position. Mainly, we wanted to see where the top five types actually peaked in rankings.

Graph of popular ranked content within Canadian Intranets

The vertical axis is the number of participants and the horizontal axis contains each position of a possible rank.

Graph of vertical and horizontal axis explained

If you take a look at position 1, you’ll see that around 43 participants chose Administrative Information as number 1, 27 participants chose Business Information as number 1 and so forth.

Explanation of top two points in popular content graph

The top 3 ranked most popular are administrative, business and human resources information. These types of information are quite similar in nature, covering much of the day-to-day business of the organization.

Now, let’s look at how Information about Current Events ranked (this is the piece we were originally most curious about).

Current events peak in 6th for popular ranked content

We see that although it is important, most respondents ranked it 6th. Administrative, business function and HR information are consistently ranked above it.

This confirms our long-held belief that doing a great job of boring content is what makes intranets successful. Communications teams who run intranets are capable of making this content great, but it often resides somewhere else in the organization.

I know for me, personally, this finding will help prioritize content for future projects.

There you have it…tidbit #2: top ranked content. I hope this finding can help you with content prioritization on your next intranet project or even assist with a simple update.

Stay tuned for more highlights and tidbits. We’re still panning and there’s been traces of gold!

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