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EPCOR’s business includes power, water and billing services to dozens of communities in Alberta and British Columbia. In 2012 EPCOR was also expanding its water operations into Arizona and New Mexico through an acquisition. The website would be the ,first point of contact for many customers and EPCOR wanted a consistent-but-flexible experience for its customers. Content would need to be localized depending on each visitor’s location.


nForm helped EPCOR redesign their family of web properties in late 2011 and early 2012. For their customers site, we helped them create a sophisticated new site structure that allowed them to present localized content to 25 customer communities in Alberta, BC, New Mexico and Arizona. We worked with EPCOR’s internal development team to help them implement this new structure in their Sharepoint 2010 content management system. We also developed a visual language and navigation system that could be applied to their corporate site and their corporate accountability report.

We have continued to work with EPCOR to re,ne the original design and conduct usability tests of their site to make it easier for customers to find information and online services.

In 2012 we completed an analytics and KPI project for EPCOR to help them get more value from their web analytics. After consulting with staff from six of their business areas we developed a set of KPIs (such as branded traffic and self-service usage) for the website, along with individualized metrics for each business area to monitor.

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Last year I set out to strengthen our design team. Demand for our user experience design services has been growing and our small-but-mighty two-person team was getting stretched. I’d planned to add one designer in January, but I found two … Read More

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Event: Transforming Government Web Strategy (April 19)

We’re running an event in a few weeks for our friends in the public sector, as well as anyone who’s interested in web strategy and user experience. All of the details and a registration form are below. We’ve capped attendance … Read More