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Event: Transforming Government Web Strategy (April 19)

We’re running an event in a few weeks for our friends in the public sector, as well as anyone who’s interested in web strategy and user experience. All of the details and a registration form are below. We’ve capped attendance at 40–if you’re interested you’ll want to grab a ticket soon.

Event Details

Transforming Government Web Strategy

Thursday, April 19, 8:30 a.m. to 10 a.m.

Matrix Hotel

10640 – 100 Avenue

Edmonton, Alberta

Session Description

Over the past two years the Government of British Columbia has been transforming its web presence. As part of a government-wide strategic initiative, ministries are making have been instructed to transform their sites to a citizen-focused, service oriented web presence. They’re now consulting with citizens during the research and design phases of their web development projects. And they’re improving their content, navigation and services so citizens can do more online.

One government department, staffed with user experience experts, is leading these changes. They’ve provided direct support and developed training and toolkits to help ministries plan all aspects of their web projects, from strategy and research to design and governance. And they consult with ministries to help them coordinate their efforts and align them with the government’s new citizen-focused direction.

Dominique Bohn and Blair Neufeld have been at the centre of this transformation. In this one-hour presentation they’ll talk about the strategies behind the BC government’s new approach to the web, the tools they’re using to transform their web presence, and the lessons they’ve learned in the process.

Session Leaders

Dominique Bohn

Dominique is the Director of Web Design in the BC Ministry of Labour, Citizens’ Services and Open Government, Strategic Initiatives Division.

Blair Neufeld

Blair Neufeld is the Director of Information Architecture in the in the BC Ministry of Labour, Citizens’ Services and Open Government, Strategic Initiatives Division.


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