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Inaugural UX Meetup

We are happy to announce that we have reignited the UX meetup group in Edmonton! We want to create a space where people interested in UX can come together on a regular basis to share ideas and learn from one another.  Several years ago a meetup group was formed to do just that. Over the years it has grown and evolved into the annual conference we all know now as UX Camp. We are happy to say that regularly scheduled UX meetups are back! Hosted by Mark Yiu and Kerryn North, the first meetup validated our suspicions that a desire for a community based meetup was necessary.

Why start a group?

To provide a supportive and nurturing environment for practitioners striving to build better experiences for humans.

Who is this group for?

UX if for everyone. UX is about everyone.

That includes everyone who refers to themselves as UX consultants, UX/UI designers, information architects, web designers, students, business analysts, data scientists, data analysts, content strategists, digital strategists, service designers, customer experience advocates, web developers, application developers and programmers, IT professionals, business owners, project managers, human resource managers, social strategists, product managers, delivery managers, systems engineers… and more.

Meetup Objectives

  1. Connect: Regularly bring together like-minded people to encourage a connected, local community and drive the practice of UX forward
  2. Inspire: Share knowledge, insight and experience to introduce and inspire new ways of thinking and working
  3. Support: Provide informal access to resources and individuals within the community who are or have battled similar issues
  4. Transform: Evolve the understanding, proficiency and awareness of UX, its practitioners and methodologies together as a community


Jess McM

Jess McMullin was the very first speaker at the first UX meetup years ago so we thought it was only fitting that he be the first speaker once again at the reignited event. Jess kicked things off by asking us to explore the different methods and tools we use to understand experience today. His presentation included a number of examples of journey maps he’s worked on over the years which showed us several scenarios where we can use this method to tell a customer story.


In the spirit of UX, Mark then took the group through an affinity mapping exercise to set the course for what this group will discuss.

    1. What topics are you most interested in?
    2. In your line of business, what obstacles/problems do you encounter the most?
    3. Group your ideas together and present your top three ideas

8D536617-27CB-43AB-97BF-CB4624BB3485     Mapping               Topics

We will take some time over the next couple weeks to go over everyone’s input. At first glance, it looks like topics around UX tools and methods, professional support, organizational buy-in and some UX basics are areas that should be explored.

The aim is to schedule something again in the fall, most likely in September. To stay informed on upcoming meetup events, join our UX Meetup Edmonton group over at Meetup.com.


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