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Staff Retreat

Last week the nForm team spent a couple days in Banff for our semi-annual staff retreat. This was our first time taking the retreat out of town. Being away from the office gave us the chance to focus on our time together with no outside distractions. We were able to be in the moment with each activity and enjoy the experience. Banff is also one of the most beautiful and picturesque places there is to visit. It’s almost impossible not to have a good time when you’re there.

The goal of the trip was to focus on team building and getting to know each other. We have a mix of new and long-standing employees so it was a great way to integrate everyone and reenergize the team. There were no trust falls involved at this retreat, but we did do a lot of recreational activities together.


Lisa and I had such a blast planning this trip and thinking about all the things we could do as a group that we have decided to officially become a committee. We now call ourselves the Joyful Occasions Bureau – it’s our JOB to have fun! (We think it’s hilarious!)

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We didn’t waste any time getting to know everyone better. The car ride included our own version of Name that Tune. Each car had a playlist of our favourite songs from 10 years ago and we had to name the nForm employee who chose that song.


Most of our team is quite physically active. One of the first things on the agenda was to hit the climbing walls and give bouldering a try.


A scavenger hunt gave us the opportunity to explore The Banff Centre.


No matter where you go in Banff, it looks like someone painted you a beautiful backdrop.


We took a short ride on the gondola to the top of Sulphur Mountain.


At the top of the mountain we walked along the Summit Ridge Interpretive Boardwalk. We were surrounded by the most stunning views along the way.


We took part in one of The Banff Centre’s leadership development classes. During the clay workshop we drew on the diverse strengths of each team member to help us work together.

This trip was a nice break from our day-to-day routine. It gave us a chance to spend some time together as a group and recharge. We already get along great and work really well together. This trip and the group time we had will help us mesh even better and make our office an even better place to work.

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