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UX Link Roundup – April 2019

Going through the articles that caught our attention in April, we couldn’t help but notice a theme starting to emerge. While there is still a lot to examine and learn about artificial intelligence, we are also noticing an increase in the amount of discussions around empathy. Maybe the two are related, and maybe not, but it’s an interesting thing to note. Take a look at what we’ve been reading in this round of our UX Link Roundup.

(If you missed March’s roundup, you can catch it here.)

April 2, 2019
Difference Between Usability and User Experience by Abdul Sulieman

Eartracking: A New UX-Research Method by Jakob Nielsen

No such thing as a classically-trained content strategist by Jodie McRobbie

April 3, 2019
How “Good Design” Failed Us by Nikil Saval

April 4, 2019
A/B Testing: Optimizing the UX by Nicholas Farmen

April 8, 2019
Google Asked 5,600 Employees About How They Work. Tight-Knit, Productive Teams Do 3 Things Differently by Betsy Mikel

April 10, 2019
People, Products, and Epiphanies: How a user-first culture led to a decade of eureka moments at Google UX by Jens Riegelsberger

April 11, 2019
“Ethics” and Ethics by Oliver Reichenstein

Motivational interviewing is the UX research tool you haven’t ready about by Anna-Zsofia Csontos

The 3 Mindsets of Great Interaction Designers by Rachel Youngblade

April 12, 2019
Does Empathy Have a Dark Side? By Jonathan Lambert

April 15, 2019
Empathy by the Numbers: Breaking Down A UXD Contradiction by Hollie Phillips

The empathy gap in self-service kiosk experiences by Jennifer Derome

April 16, 2019
Pop a hat on, find a partner and brainstorm your best idea by Hazel Davis

April 18, 2019
How a Team Matures Its User Research Integration by Jared M. Spool

April 20, 2019
Humanizing Digital Experience Using Search, Analytics and Accessibility Best Practices by Jason Buzzell

April 21, 2019
How designers can practice self-empathy to be better negotiators by Madison Borgmann

Sympathy vs. Empathy in UX by Sarah Gibbons

Work Anywhere by Jorge Arango

April 23, 2019
Eye on A.I. – How to Fix Artificial Intelligence’s Diversity Crisis by Jonathan Vanian

April 24, 2019
A difference approach to empathize with users in UX by Usha Sham

April 25, 2019
When It Comes to UX in the Social Sector, Empathy is Not Enough, Says Alba Villamil: Ladies That UX by Sheena Lyonnais

April 27, 2019
AI-Driven Design: How Artificial Intelligence Is Shaping UI/UX Design by Dana Kachan

Artificial Intelligence (AI): What About the User Experience? By Tom Taulli

Empathy – How to Improve Your Designs by Developing Empathy for Your Target Group by Priscilla Esser

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