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UX Link Roundup – August 2019

This past August was not the hottest
And our summer was kind of a bummer
But keep your chin up, we’ll help you perk up
With our monthly UX Link Roundup

(If you missed it, you can also check out July’s UX Link Roundup – poetry not included.)

August 1, 2019
Building the Case for a Redesign by Jennifer Gieber

August 7, 2019
Customer experience technology spending to exceed $600bn by 2022 – IDC by Andrew Ross

The Making of an Organization-Changing UX Strategy by Jared M. Spool

August 8, 2019
Six guidelines for successful prototype testing by Sally Graham

August 10, 2019
Reply with the worst design/architecture picture you have from by Sarah Schauer

Think smaller: engaging users through microinteractions by Bianca Toledo

August 11, 2019
Creating Emotional Connections by Andreas Komninos

The 3-Click Rule for Navigation Is False by Page Laubheimer

August 12, 2019
Future of VR and AR depends on user experience and education by Nick Ismail

Why a cookie-cutter design system worn’t work for your organization by Jordan Staniscia

August 14, 2019
UX Strategy is a Long Game, But Worth Every Moment by Jared M. Spool

August 15, 2019
People Are Starting to Realize How Voice Assistants Actually Work by Sidney Fussell

August 17, 2019
10 good design reads that aren’t written by white men by Anna Saraceno

August 18, 2019
Setup of an Eyetracking Study by Kate Moran

August 20, 2019
Untapped Potential: How To Engage Baby Boomers in The Digital Age by Johana Ludwig

August 21, 2019
How to Keep Talking: A model for community conversations by Louis Rosenfeld

What Are the Biggest Barriers to Data Literacy? By Bernard Marr

August 25, 2019
Large Devices Preferred for Important Tasks by Kate Moran and Kim Flaherty

Notes on the book ‘Conversational Design’ by Erika Hall by Beant Kaur Dhillon

August 26, 2019
3 user onboarding pitfalls every designer should avoid by Krystal Higgins

August 27, 2019
What the heck is IT Accessibility? By Jason Buzzell

Other things of note
Forrester Research’s annual State of Design Teams survey is open for a few more days

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