UX Designer
Lea Rouhiainen

Lea Rouhiainen is a visual designer with over five years of professional experience. She is passionate about her work, and always strives to create design material that is creative, thoughtful, and responsive to unique project and user requirements. Lea has experience working on multi-disciplinary teams and providing design work for a variety of different clients. She is also an active member of the design community and has volunteered for organizations like the Graphic Designers of Canada (Alberta North Chapter) and Ladies Learning Code.

Lea holds a Bachelor of Design degree from the University of Alberta with a specialization in the Social Sciences. This specialization was pursued out of a desire to develop a balanced design perspective that includes psychological, social, and cultural considerations. Most recently, Lea successfully completed a course for certification in user experience design led by Akendi.

Outside of work, Lea also enjoys reading, drawing, spending time outdoors, and attending Edmonton’s many festivals.

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